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Recovery and Fitness

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and you want a better life, then this programme is designed to get you addicted to recovery and fitness in a healthy and sustainable way! Fitness is one of the most powerful tools you have in your recovery as it allows you to deal with negative emotions, deal with anxiety and get your endorphins going for a natural high. This programme will provide a tailored fitness programme with a qualified Strength & Conditioning Coach who has been through addiction, access to a Qualified Counsellor for Mental Health support and an education on the importance of Nutrition in Recovery. 

The 6-Week programme is designed to give you a kick start in your recovery and give you goals you can work to over the 6-Week programme. You will have already attended primary care (e.g. rehab) and be sober from all mind-altering substances to take part in the programme.

 Please contact us to see if we can help you onto the programme. 

Benefits of the Addicted2Recovery Fitness programme

Package includes

Addicted2Recovery - Invest in your health and fitness


6-Week Fitness and Mental Health Programme for those in Recovery from Addiction
  • 2 x 60-minute sessions per week for 6-Weeks in a Private Studio
  • Expert Strength & Conditioning Coach/Personal Trainer that has been through Addiction
  • Expert fitness programme delivered to your specific goals
  • Access to the Addicted2Life Fitness app
  • Mental Health Support throughout the 6-Week Programme from a Qualified Counsellor
  • Education on nutrition and it's importance for your Recovery

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes you can. We prefer if you have already been to Primary Care (e.g. rehab) or have been seeing an Addiction Counsellor prior to embarking on our Addicted To Recovery programme. We can discuss in more details your background on a Free consultation call – click here to arrange.

Having battled drug, alcohol and gambling addiction throughout my teens and twenties, I understand first hand, how destructive addiction can be. I found myself broken (in more ways than one) by the time I had reached the age of 31 and decided to check myself into rehab.  I found fitness was one of the best tools in my sobriety for giving me purpose, direction and to help combat the stresses of life.

The transformation was so powerful I re-trained from my previous role and qualified as a Strength & Conditioning Coach to help others create strong bodies and minds. I also completed my Diploma in Counselling, as these skills are very helpful when working with clients who are going through addiction. 

You can read more about my story here or listen to my podcast here.

If you are on universal credit or are unable to fund the cost yourself directly or through family, then you might be considered to apply for the Addicted to Recovery Programme for FREE. 

We dedicate our own costs and time for this so we only accept people who cannot afford to place themselves onto the programme (either directly or through family). We have reduced our hourly rate to make the programme more affordable for more people in recovery but unfortunately we don’t receive any funding (yet) so places are given on a discretionary basis. We hope to change this and get funding soon though!

We will require proof of low income before accepting your application. This can be DWP screenshots and copies of letters, bank statements and anything else that can prove your current financial status. 

Please apply by clicking here and stating you are looking for this programme on a low income option. Please note that you will have to pay for your own travel to the studio.

During the programme you will get access to a qualified counsellor during the workouts and between sessions via Whatsapp. We have been through addiction so we want to support both your physical and mental health recovery.  

My membership with CIMSPA includes a verification service for my qualifications. You can review all my fitness qualifications here. You can also see our qualifications on the National Register for Personal Trainers here.

To see my Counselling certificate, which was awarded by Training Qualifications UK, please see below (apologies for the home photo!)

Addicted to recovery

It takes places in Wimbledon Village at a Private Studio I use to train all my clients (Recovery and non-recovery). It has state of the art of equipment which are brilliant for all levels of fitness. You will become stronger, fitter and happier from visiting this studio for 6 weeks!

Please contact us by clicking here to find out more.

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