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Having used the power of regular fitness to help aid my recovery from addiction, I decided to leave my job in the Financial Industry to pursue my passion for fitness and qualified as a Strength & Conditioning Coach and Personal Trainer. 

Having used a Body Transformation programme after I left rehab, I saw first hand how important it was for me to feel confident in the way that I looked. The changes were incredible, I lost over 35kg (77lbs) in fat and started to get really strong, something I had never achieved through other coaches in the past. This is why I started Addicted2Life, so I can provide the same level of motivation, programming and support to help others in their own Body Transformations. To read more about my transformation, you can read my blog here.

I then went on to complete my Level 4 Strength & Conditioning qualification where I am able to progress professional and amateur athletes through advanced training and programming for their particular sport. Having played golf for over 30 years, my passion to help promote the game of golf and the benefits of becoming more powerful in your movement are condensed into my Addicted2Golf programme. 

In addition to being a Strength & Conditioning Coach and Personal Trainer, I also offer services as a Movement Coach, Functional Assessments for athletes, Athlete programme specialist and Olympic Weightlifting for Athletes Coach.

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The Body Transformation

For over 15 years, I was your typical yo-yo diet and gym-goer, who never had a proper routine and only stuck with a personal trainer for a few sessions at a time. I found it impossible to lose weight and even harder to put any muscle on. I finally had enough of being unhappy and hired a personal trainer, where I went through a complete body transformation. The transformation was so powerful it enabled me to overcome addiction and mental health challenges I felt I would never be able to control.

Since that decision, my life has completely transformed for the better. I lost over 32kg (71 pounds) in weight, built muscle in places I didn’t know existed, and it massively benefited my mental health. My new passion for all things fitness was so transformative that I decided to leave the Financial Industry and re-trained to become a qualified personal trainer who specialises in body transformations.

Having learned about nutrition in my weight loss journey, I provide practical guidance to my clients, providing excellent results. Nutrition takes up 80% of the effort and is a big part of my education with clients. If you master your diet, you will master your body. You can see our blog on how important protein is for you here. You can read all our blogs on health and wellbeing here.

The power of recovery from drug addiction is greatly helped by a holistic approach to recovery. Providing a specific programme to those in active recovery from addiction is important to help others live a better life. You can access our Addicted2Recovery programme, which also utilises Counselling support and nutrition if you want to find out more.

Career and Training Style

Having spent years in the Financial Industry, I had numerous coaches myself, some really good and some not so good. This helped me understand what the best coaches did well and what the bad coaches didn’t. This knowledge is how I have shaped my practice today along with my skills as qualified counsellor to help clients get the most out of their workouts and programmes. My passion is to learn, I keep learning so I can better develop myself as a person but also to provide this knowledge to my clients. My C.V. has over 15 qualifications from a lifetime of learning and this will carry on until I’m no longer able to learn! You can see my C.V. on my Linkedin Profile here.

My style will get you to where you need to be and educate you about why we do what we do and how that relates back to your fitness goals. Everything I do is carefully programmed outside of our sessions where I take my time to make sure the programme is something that you enjoy but ultimately gets you the results you want.

My motto for life and personal training; ‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you’. My style is all about progression, results and ultimately feeling comfortable in your own skin. 

Professional Memberships and Continuing Development

Being part of local communities and being accredited with CIMPSA (The Chartered Institute for Management of Sport and Physical Activity) are very important to Addicted2Life. We are also on the National Register of Personal Trainers, click here to see our verified profile. We want to make a commitment to our own professional development while raising awareness of addiction, mental health and the positive power of physical fitness in our local communities. You can also check out our Facebook page here.

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Why choose a Body Transformation Specialist?

The secret to my success as a body transformation specialist is simple; clients enjoy the process of getting fit, and the results take care of themselves. Through a combination of education, motivation and science-based programming, my clients are primed for achieving their fitness goals and beyond. Watch the video below, to see how we can help you along your own Body Transformation Journey.

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If you are really fed up with not having the body that you want, then the Addicted2Life 12-week Body Transformation Programme has been designed with you in mind. Results not excuses and we pride ourselves on the work that we provide to our clients.

If you are looking for a Body Transformation Specialist that will motivate, educate and inspire you to reach your fitness goals, book your free consultation today.