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Our services are all delivered with the highest level of professionalism which is reflected in our client testimonials. We work from a private studio in Wimbledon Village and provide mobile personal training to your house or local park. 

The 12-Week Body Transformation is the premium package, specially designed with my expert knowledge on transformations, where you will drastically transform your physique and mindset. 

What We Offer

We get results through carefully tailored exercise programmes and provide expert nutritional guidance along the way. The main ingredient for success, is enjoying the process and sessions, which is why clients keep returning to us. 

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Choose Your Goal


12-Week Body Transformation

If you are fed up of the way you feel, both inside and out, then this is a perfect package to create that shift in both your physique and mindset. You will need to train with me three times per week and be prepared to see dramatic changes to your physique. 

The programme is unique as I will not only act as your personal trainer, but Lifestyle Coach as well during the 12-Week period. Providing practical wellbeing information during the transformation process is essential for keeping your engagement high but also for keeping your mental health on top form. If you want to dramatically improve your body, this is the programme for you.

For maximum results, you can get access to an additional service where your meals are all prepared and delivered to you, which skyrockets results for my clients. You can see more about my own transformation here.


Addicted2Life (Personal Training Wimbledon) specialise in Body Transformations, click here to enquire.

Addicted2Golf - Golf Power & Fitness

Having played golf for over 30 years, I understand better than most how important your physical strength and movement are to producing the best golfers. I am a qualified Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Coach with experience in helping golfers at all levels. I am a Athlete Programme specialist who is able to write up training plans for your whole golf season, whether you are an amateur or elite professional.

We provide all golfers with a functional assessment of how they move. This gives us clear markers of performance that we can compare against other golfers test data (Elite and Amateur data). We can then look to train weaknesses and make you more athletic and powerful as a golfer. Movement is a vital component of the golf swing and being able to identify potential snags as a qualified Movement Coach will help you build the strongest swing possible.

Addicted2Life (Personal Training Wimbledon) specialise in Golf Performance for amateurs and professional golfers, click here to enquire.


Golf Fitness Trainer

Personal Training

It’s all about body confidence! We are at our best when we feel comfortable in our own skin. We will get you looking and feeling great whichever end goal you choose. 

If you want to lose fat, gain muscle or want to gain strength, then these packages will give you the time needed in the gym to start working towards your goal. Clients train with us 1 or 2 x per week when they use our Personal Training Packages. 

You will receive nutritional guidance combined with carefully programmed workouts that will give you the best results for reaching your goal. You will also get access to the state of the art Addicted2Fitness app, which can track all your progression and nutritional information along the way. Addicted2Life will get you the results you want. 

Addicted2Life (Personal Training Wimbledon) specialise in Personal Training, click here to enquire.


Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? If your answer is yes, this is a programme designed for you. Having been heavily addicted to drugs, gambling, food, alcohol and everything else throughout my twenties, fitness was the release that I needed when I started life sober in recovery. You can read more about my story here.

The 6-week programme is available to those in recovery from addiction and you must be abstaining from all mind altering substances to take part. You will receive 2 x 60 minute sessions per week and get a tailored programme in place to match your health and fitness goals. You will also get an education on nutrition during the programme and how important this is for your recovery. 

The programme is designed to give you the kickstart in your recovery you need to stay sober. The programme also provides the mental health support you might need in early recovery (We provide Counselling Services via Prices are reduced for those in Recovery and some places are given for free at our discretion (as we don’t receive any funding).

Addicted2Life (Personal Training Wimbledon) specialise in Recovery Fitness and Counselling, click here to enquire.

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Location for Personal Training Wimbledon

Private Studio | Mobile Personal Training Wimbledon

Sessions take place at a Private Studio situated in Wimbledon Village, located just off the Ridgeway. The private studio has state of the art equipment for amateurs to elite professionals. Mobile Personal Training is available in Wimbledon and the surrounding areas. Please contact Personal Training Wimbledon to see if we can travel to your area. We can meet clients at their home, local parks or other areas convenient for exercise.

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